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critical thinking, human rights, and basic human decency will dominate the world,
instead of barbarism, misogyny, ignorance, and superstition.

A "brisk, entertaining read" that "really crackles with wit and positive energy".  -- Ralph Hunt Sidway

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CAUTION!   You are entering a PC-free zone!  In this book, political correctness, cultural relativism, and religious sensitivities are openly mocked, ridiculed, disparaged, discouraged and generally ill-treated.  This material is intended for mature, free-thinking progressives who are able to step away from the liberal herd, reject groupthink, and examine each issue on its own merits.  If that sounds like you, then welcome!  Willkommen!  ¡Bienvenida! 

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How I Came to Write this Book

Intro to Islam is the result of research I did for a novel.  When I began that project, I knew little about Islam, but had the general impression that it was pretty much the worst-case scenario, in terms of religion's potential to cause mischief & mayhem on a massive scale.  As a long-time religious skeptic, I had no trouble seeing the obvious & compelling evidence suggesting that Muhammad's legacy to mankind is a xenophobic, dysfunctional worldview that promotes hatred, hysteria & violence, and keeps Islamic societies mired in a state of medieval barbarism.  But I didn't realize just how toxic it really is.  I didn't know why it continued to be such a retrograde influence in the 21st Century.  And I didn't understand how great a threat this ideology poses to the civilized world.  Like most people, I assumed that terrorism was what we had to fear from Islam -- unaware that a much greater danger is posed by stealth jihadis and fast-breeding Muslim immigrants to the West who refuse to assimilate, and use political agitation, intimidation, and incessant whining to undermine human rights & basic human freedoms in a calculated effort to Islamize their adopted countries. 

My initial research into the ideology that motivates my story's antagonists alerted me to the fact that things were much worse than I had imagined.  So I dug deeper.  And it seemed the deeper I dug, the scarier it got.  This religion appeared to be a bottomless pit of depravity, savagery, & civilization-imperiling ideas.  At the same time, I became painfully aware that many of my fellow progressives are compounding the problem -- significantly -- by aiding & abetting Islamists in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Israel, & elsewhere.  Somehow, politically-correct, mainstream liberals have not only failed to see that Islam is actively opposed to every ideal & agenda we're supposed to stand for, they've actually become determined champions of Islam -- continually making excuses for this barbaric ideology, denying its culpability in terrorism, misogyny, and other direct results of Islamic theology, and viciously attacking anyone who dares to criticize this religion or its adherents.  "Surreal" is the word that keeps coming to mind, whenever I contemplate this collusion between Islam and the political left. If I didn't have the scars to prove it (thanks, Daily Kos!), I wouldn't believe that a situation so unlikely, and so profoundly fucked up, could possibly exist. 

Finally I became so alarmed by this state of affairs, I decided that I had to put aside the novel for a while, to focus on a nonfiction book designed to educate my fellow Lefties on this hostile ideology, by giving an honest, straightforward accounting of the world's fastest-growing, most intrinsically political, & most inherently imperialistic religion.  I realize that telling the PC Police to piss off, in such a strident & unequivocal fashion, could be hazardous for a writer's relationships with publishers, and with the Islam-friendly suits calling the shots in Hollywood studios.  But prudence was never my forte.  And I figured that if Giordano Bruno, the bold 16th Century pantheist & religious skeptic, was willing to be burned at the stake, rather than sell out and kiss the crucifix, I could man up and do this book. 

So here it is -- the first edition rushed into publication as an eBook, because I felt that, in light of recent events, it just couldn't wait any longer.  Perhaps a courageous publisher will step forward to help produce & promote an expanded second edition, so the book can be brought more into the mainstream.  In the meantime, this eBook serves as a flag planted on the field -- a progressive taking a stand in the global War of Ideas -- confronting Islamists and PC liberals alike. 

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The Savvy Kafir Community

In the face of widespread, aggressive Islamism, we need to see the rise of a global community of "savvy kafirs".  Infidels who understand Islam and the threat it poses to the civilized world.  Freedom-loving progressives (and right-wingers) who are determined to resist religious fanatics promoting a vision of life straight out of Seventh Century Arabia

Intro to Islam is me doing my bit to help foster & encourage a bold new breed of savvy counter-jihadis.  Left-leaning people who reject the liberal community's hysterical, knee-jerk defense of the world's most ultra-conservative ideology.  Clear-eyed progressives who recognize a hostile ideology when they see it.  Strong, independent people who are able to break away from the herd when they see that the herd is racing towards a precipice. 

Maybe someday the liberal community as a whole will come to its senses regarding Islam.  That day seems a long way off, when you visit liberal venues such as Daily Kos,, Huffington Post, NPR, BBC World News, or The Guardian.  But at some point, the truth regarding "The Religion of Peace" will simply become inescapable, as jihadis around the world engage in more & more shocking acts of savagery, and Muslim immigrants make more & more outrageous demands and create more & more chaos in their adopted countries in the West.  My hope is that this realization won't come too late.     

In the meantime, please do what you can to help spread the word among your fellow progressives.  Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, comments posted on liberal websites, Letters to the Editor of liberal newspapers, chats by the office watercooler, and any means available to educate your fellow Lefties.  Plugs for Intro to Islam are greatly appreciated! 

If you like what you see here, please take a moment to use the Facebook "like" button, the "Tweet" button, and/or the G+ and Share buttons floating on the left side of your screen.  These are quick & easy ways to educate your friends, and help to get the nascent Progressive Counter-Jihad up & running. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give, and welcome to the savvy kafir community! 

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The European Migrant Crisis

The massive flood of Muslims pouring into Europe for many months now has suddenly cast the threat posed by Islam in a dramatic new light.  For Islam-savvy Europeans (and Americans) who are concerned about the future well-being of Western civilization, this is a truly horrifying development.  The terrorist attacks carried out in Paris on November 13th, 2015 caused more people to begin questioning the wisdom of allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslim "refugees" to flood into Western Europe.  This concern is becoming more widespread (mostly among political conservatives) in the wake of the organized mass sexual assaults of hundreds of non-Muslim women by Muslim "refugee" men in Cologne, Germany on New Years Eve, and after numerous rapes of non-Muslim women and boys, attacks on Christians in refugee centers, and other acts of savagery.  The fact that most of these "refugees" are not the women and children and families the mainstream media keeps showing us, but single, military-age men, many displaying very aggressive behavior, has many people describing this massive influx as a Muslim invasion.  And some candid Islamists have admitted that this is exactly what we're witnessing. 

Opening up Europe to hordes of Muslim immigrants will certainly lead to more & more terrorist attacks, just as the jihadis keep promising, because there is no way to sort out Islamic State jihadis and other holy warriors from those simply looking for a better life.  But, as always, terrorism is just the highly-visible tip of the iceberg.  A much greater threat is that of demographics.  These new Muslim immigrants -- like those that came before them -- will out-breed their non-Muslim neighbors, and bring about the Islamization of Europe much more quickly than anyone had previously expected.  Many True Believers have openly announced their intention to conquer Europe in this manner.  But most Europeans (especially those on the political left) simply aren't listening. 

The behavior of clueless EU bureaucrats, national political "leaders", mainstream "journalists" and, in many cases, the European people themselves, looks absolutely suicidal.  The evidence suggesting where this will inevitably lead is there for anyone to see.  But many still refuse to see it, and continue to deny the truth as adamantly as ever.  For many cultural counter-jihadis in America, I think it's tempting at this point to just call "Game over!" for Sweden, Germany, and other parts of Western Europe.  It was nice while it lasted. 

But we can't give up on Europe -- no matter how disgusted we might be by the actions of its contemptible politicians, or the mainstream media that promotes & celebrates their suicidal policies, or the politically-correct sheeple who support those policies and welcome Muslim "refugees" with open arms.  It's not time to give up.  It's time to get pissed off.  It's time to double-down in our efforts to stop the advancing forces of Islam, focusing our energy on Europe, where it's most urgently needed.  Time to put an end to political correctness, before it brings about the end of the civilized world.  We need to rouse our fellow progressives in Europe -- whether they're ready to wake up to the reality of Islam or not. 

Please watch these excellent videos on the issue by British liberal Pat Condell:

The Invasion of Europe

Europe's Betrayal of Women

Europe's Last Chance

A Word to the Criminal Migrant

Women Defend Yourselves

Europe Is Killing Itself

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Sam Harris Podcasts with Douglas Murray 

In these podcasts, two of the most brilliant & eloquent critics of Islam discuss the European migrant crisis & its implications for Western Civilization, and various related issues. 

On the Maintenance of Civilization

Is this the End of Europe?

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The Savvy Kafir YouTube Channel

Check out this selection of videos by (or featuring) Islam-savvy Lefties such as Pat Condell, Sam Harris, Bill Maher, Dave Rubin, Richard Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, & Eric Allen Bell.  The idea with this venue is to help raise awareness of the progressive wing of the cultural counter-jihad, by showcasing the work & ideas of liberal critics of Islam,

Click HERE for the playlists. 

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Online Resources 

For the latest news & developments on All Things Islam, check out Robert Spencer’s website, Jihad Watch … Pamela Geller’s site ... the site The Religion of Peace ... and the site Gates of Vienna.  (Others can be found on my links page).  All four of these have been online for years, and provide a wealth of information, as well as breaking news on the religion that keeps forcing its way into the news, day after day.  These sites will keep you informed on what's really happening, around the world -- bringing you the news and the honest analysis the mainstream media refuses to provide.  Spencer and Geller, like most counter-jihadis, are pretty right-wing; and their well-founded disdain for the liberal community’s collusion with Islam & Islamists is ever-present in their writing & commentary.  They have been branded "hate-mongers" and "extremists" by hysterical types on the political left (and barred from entering Britain), for the unforgivable crime of speaking the truth about Islam.  But if you want to learn the facts regarding this subject, you'll have to learn to filter out the hysteria and the baseless ad-hominem attacks coming from your fellow Lefties, and simply examine the evidence, coolly and logically.  You'll have to accept honest, politically-incorrect information on Islam from all available sources; and many of those sources will be decidedly right-wing -- a state of affairs for which the PC liberal community is entirely to blame, because of its refusal to get involved in the resistance to Islam. 

The Citizen Warrior site, and (especially) its sister site, An Inquiry Into Islam, take a more politically-neutral stance while providing lots of good ideas & information, in an effort to engage more people on the political left. 

Kafir Central is a shiny new site (as of September 2016) designed to serve as an Internet hub for counter-jihadis and Islam-curious infidels.  The site includes info on liberal critics of Islam such as Sam Harris, Pat Condell, Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Dave Rubin, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Eric Allen Bell (along with conservative counter-jihadis such as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Bill Warner, Brigitte Gabriel, Geert Wilders, and many others) -- and many of their videos, as well as links to their websites, blogs, podcasts, books, Facebook pages, etc.  It also contains links to reference material such as an online Qur'an, a Glossary of Islam, etc.  This site is an awesome resource, especially for those who are just beginning to look for honest information regarding Islam, as it introduces visitors to many of the major players in the global counter-jihad and exposes them to some of the ideas & arguments of those activists and writers -- all in one convenient location.  (BTW: Kafir Central is not a creation of the Savvy Kafir.)

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Other Useful Stuff

The Did You Know? blurbs collected HERE and the Islam by the Numbers page HERE are custom-made for jolting PC liberals into an awareness that there just might be a problem with The Religion of Peace.  Great starting-points for getting that conversation going!  Please hit the Facebook "like" and "Tweet" buttons on those pages, to share this compelling info with your friends.  And check back occasionally, as these will be ever-growing features of the Savvy Kafir site.

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Reader Reviews, etc. 

March 1st, 2017   If you'd like to help launch the Intro to Islam project, you can give the book a boost by providing a reader review on Amazon.  I'm just beginning to promote the newly-revised eBook, and reviews can really help to generate interest & create momentum.  Reviews by dedicated counter-jihadis & other Islam-savvy types are especially valuable at this point! 

Also, the Facebook, Twitter, and Share buttons on Amazon's Intro to Islam page are super-fast ways to help spread the word among your liberal (or not-so-liberal) friends.

I really appreciate any help you can provide!

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