Let's prove them wrong.  Let's do everything in our power to ensure that democracy, liberty, critical thinking, human rights, and basic human decency will dominate the world, instead of barbarism, misogyny, ignorance, and superstition.
A tender-hearted (and stylish!) devotee of the
Religion of Peace.
It's time to halt the spread of Seventh Century insanity -- even if some Muslim feelings get hurt in the process.
Allah's faithful preparing to stone
a woman to death in Iran, circa 1992.
Family values in Palestine.
Ladies!  Nice to (almost) see you!  Apparently some Muslims believe it's just impossible to say anything stupid, as long as your heartfelt convictions are inspired by Islam.
This is the real danger.  (This, and spinelessness on our part.)
Not the sort of guys I want to see influencing Western politics or culture.  (Women's fashion, in particular.)
These are not equally sane worldviews. 
(And it's okay to say so.)
I will laugh.  And so should you.
The Savvy Kafir Photo Gallery

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The following photos come to us from around the world, courtesy of Islam.  Take a good look.  The way things are going, we'll be seeing a lot more of this stuff. 
The Invisible Man tells our Enlightenment ideals where to get off.  (Translation: "The only freedom I want is the freedom to believe in stupid shit ... and turn London into Lahore".)
We need this guy handling our liaison with the
Council on American-Islamic Relations ... and with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc., etc.
... Instead, we've got this guy.
A young Muslim victim of female genital mutilation.
(Anyone who compares this radical mutilation to male circumcision has no idea what they're talking about.)
Before & after.  Another female Muslim victim of Muslim barbarism -- this time in the form of an
acid attack.
Peace out, little sister!  Who says suicide bombers don't get irony?
More of the same.
Remember these images, the next time you hear some stealth jihadi assure us that Islam is the best thing that ever happened for women.
Some True Believers make good on the threat.
What made these British devotees of the Religion of Peace so eager for some butchery, beheading, and/or exterminating?  Twelve cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, portraying the Prophet Muhammad.  (Which was done to determine whether or not Muslims living in the West respect the principles of free speech & freedom of the press.  The conclusion?  Uh....not so much!)
Well, there seems to be a consensus on what the penalty should be, for the teasing & the taunting.  I've got a hunch that "Does not play well with others" might be a common theme on the school report cards of Muslim kids.
It's never too early to get them started on the infidel hatin'.  Preach it, little brother!
For the True Believers, expressing your opinion via a novel, cartoon, film, or Islam-bashing book is the moral equivalent of blowing up a nightclub full of infidels or flying an airliner into a New York skyscraper. 
Assorted "mis-understanders" of the Religion of Peace pose with the Holy Qur'an and other jihadi accoutrements.
...but it can sure motivate the credulous,
Paradise-yearnin' types -- making
7th Century barbarism a reality in the 21st Century.
Apparently uppity Muslims claim the right to say anything, no matter how offensive.  It's only us infidels who need to be respectful.  It's only Muslim feelings that count.