Welcome to the Resistance!

Welcome to the Resistance!

Wherever you may be, if you consider yourself a progressive or liberal or a left-winger of any description, your assistance is desperately needed in the global War of Ideas currently raging between Islam and the civilized world.  The most enlightened societies the world has ever produced are under attack by an aggressive, imperialistic ideology that is inherently hostile to everything we stand for, such as democracy, free speech, freedom of the press, women's rights, gay rights, and animal rights.  Seriously -- it's not much of an overstatement to say that if we Lefties are for it, the True Believers of Islam are against it.  And if we friggin' despise it, it's a pretty safe bet that the Allah junkies are keen enthusiasts.  

But, in a truly bizarre state of affairs, many liberals today seem doggedly determined to avoid seeing the threat that Islam poses.  For many so-called progressives, Muslims are victims, and Islam an innocent, misunderstood ideology; and anyone who criticizes this religion or its adherents is a "racist", a "bigot", an "Islamophobe", or maybe even a narrow-minded "xenophobe", for those pissed-off liberals whose ire takes them clear into the X's in their frenzied grasping for epithets.  Therefore, when you take part in the resistance against the encroachment of Islam, you'll be hated, reviled, cursed, slandered and maligned.  And much of that vitriol will be coming from fellow "progressives" who zealously aid & abet the most conservative, retrograde ideology on Earth. 

But you'll also be right!  You'll be on the right side of history.  And future generations, viewing the situation with the advantage of hindsight, will be forever grateful.  Once the fog of political correctness has dissipated, it will be clear to everyone that Islam is a hostile ideology that has to be resisted and pushed back, in order for enlightened cultures to survive & thrive.  Those 21st Century Lefties who throw off the shackles of groupthink and examine this issue coolly and logically, then take the necessary action, will be heroes to progressives of the 22nd Century, and for centuries to come.  And those misguided, PC liberals currently fighting tooth & nail to defend Islam at all costs will be seen as traitors to progressive societies and liberal ideals.  They will be viewed with bewilderment, their suicidal program a vexing puzzle for future generations. 

A Bold New Breed

The conflict between Islam and the West calls for a bold new breed of progressive.  It requires progressive-minded people who are not afraid to think for themselves.  Strong, independent people who are willing to face the scorn of their fellow Lefties and speak the truth regarding Islam, until those more mainstream liberals finally see the light. 

If you have the fortitude to fight the Good Fight, braving the wrath of Muslims and PC liberals alike, I'd like to say, Welcome to the Resistance!  This book is for you -- a book designed to blow away popular misconceptions in a sustained explosion of long-overdue candor, leaving you with a clear view of the enemy we face. 

Vive la Résistance! 

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