Did You Know?

Some Interesting Tidbits Regarding the Religion of Peace

The following is a collection of the Did you know? blurbs scattered throughout Intro to Islam.  Most liberals seem to be unaware of these disturbing facts ... which may help to explain their "I'm OK, you're OK" attitude towards Islam.  Perusing this material is a quick & easy way for readers to determine whether or not they are open to criticism of the world's fastest-metastasizing religion ... and whether or not they still have a pulse.

Did you know?   Most of the barbarism of Islam is visited upon Muslims (especially women and girls), and upon non-Muslims who have no connection with the United States, Europe, or Israel -- such as Christians and animists in sub-Saharan Africa; Christians in Arab lands such as Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt; Catholics in the southern Philippines; Buddhists in southern Thailand; and Hindus in India and Bangladesh. 

That’s right!  You don’t have to be an evil American imperialist or a right-wing Israeli settler to suffer some very unpleasant consequences of the Religion of Peace.

Did you know?  According to polls conducted in various European countries, somewhere between 28% and 73% (depending on the country) of Muslims living in Europe today would like to see Sharia -- Islamic law -- instituted in their adopted countries.  (Note: some of those polled think Sharia should only be made available to Muslims; others believe it should be made mandatory for all Muslims; while others want it to become the law for everyone, Muslims & infidels alike.) 

A poll taken in June 2015 revealed that 51% of Muslims living in the United States would prefer to have the option of living under Sharia (Islamic law).  And according to the Pew Research Center, 60% of Muslim-Americans under the age of 30 say they are more loyal to Islam than to America.  As you read this book & discover the facts about the religion/political & legal system that is Islam, this situation will become very disturbing. 

The kicker: Young Muslims raised in the West tend to be more likely to support the implementation of Sharia than their immigrant parents.  And Muslim university students are among the most enthusiastic supporters of a legal system based on the norms of Seventh Century Arabia -- so education does not seem to be any sort of guarantee of a more progressive, enlightened worldview among Muslims in the West. 

In the 21st Century, among immigrants to the Western world (and their children), Muslims are unique in their desire to undermine the legal, political, and social institutions of the West -- in their desire to replace democracy & the most basic human rights with an alien, theocratic system based upon Iron Age superstition. 

Cognitive Dissonance Alert! -- If you’re alarmed by the theocratic ambitions of certain right-wing Christians in the Red States, but unconcerned about the very real threat that Islamists pose to progressive Western societies, you seriously need to re-think your position. 

Did you know?  Muslim armies were invading Spain, Portugal and France in the 8th Century C.E., three centuries before the first Christian Crusades were launched, and more than a thousand years before the founding of the United States.  Muslims waged wars of conquest in Europe for nearly a thousand years. 

Political imperialism, implemented via wars of aggression, has been central to the Islamic project since the time of the Prophet Muhammad -- a religious mandate that has been acted upon whenever & wherever Muslims have had the ability to do so.

Did you know?  In Islamic theology, the principle of abrogation means that those verses of the Qur’an that were “revealed” to Muhammad earlier in his career -- those nice, peaceful, tolerant verses the stealth jihadis love to quote to us -- are totally cancelled out by those that were allegedly revealed to him later on, after he gained military & political power.  And these latter verses (as luck would have it!) are the ones that promote violent jihad, Islamic imperialism, and hatred of non-Muslims. 

Know what else? The principle of abrogation is widely accepted by Muslim theologians around the world -- which is why the "extremists", "radicals", and "fundamentalists" can always mop the floor with moderate or secular Muslims in theological debates ... which rarely take place, on account of the moderates knowing they’ve got nothing to show but a few limpid (and entirely abrogated) verses, while the True Believers can point to hundreds of more robust verses of the distinctly uppity, jihad-ish  variety -- as well as the example of their infidel-slaying warrior-prophet, Muhammad. 

Did you know?  The Islamic principle of taqiyya gives Muslims a divine license to lie to non-Muslims in the service of Islam.  Deceitful stealth jihadis operating throughout Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, & elsewhere are paragons of Muslim virtue as they promote the myth of a peaceful, tolerant religion in which women have equal rights, infidels are embraced as brothers, and democracy, free speech, and other liberal ideals are supported by Islamic theology. 

Like the principle of abrogation, taqiyya is a real game-changer.  It’s one of those basic facts regarding Islam that every infidel needs to be aware of -- one of the key bits of info that makes the difference between a savvy kafir and a clueless kafir, ripe for deception, subjugation, or whatever else the enemy decides upon.

Did you know? In many Islamic countries today, the official, state-sanctioned penalty for a Muslim abandoning his or her religion is death -- same as it ever was.  But oftentimes the government never has a chance to get involved, as apostates (and those considered to be heretical Muslims) are often murdered by their family or a local mob.  And many millions of Muslims around the world (including some of those “moderate, peaceful” ones living in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc.) still consider this to be the appropriate punishment for any Muslim who exhibits the audacity, poor judgment, and low moral character necessary to reject Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.     

In the 21st Century, Islam alone is supported & maintained by this most extreme solution to the “problem” of free thought.  

Did you know? The Muslim religion divides the world into the “House of Islam” and the “House of War”.  Those who have rejected Islam are thought to be warring against Allah, and Muslims have a religious obligation to make war on them, by any means possible.  There is no expiration date on this concept, which has been acknowledged and acted upon from the Seventh Century right up to the 21st -- whenever & wherever Muslims have been powerful enough to wage jihad or subjugate infidels, or able to carry out terrorist attacks. 

The Holy Qur’an / Sura 48:29: “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah.  Those who follow him are merciful to one another, ruthless to unbelievers.”  Ouch!

Sura 5:51: “Oh you who believe! do not take the Jews or the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other.”

Did you know?  Offensive warfare, the theft of infidel booty, slave-taking, and the subsequent tribute-collecting in conquered lands, was the primary business of the Muslim world for a thousand years, during Islam's entire formative period. 

Know what else? The True Believers running the newly-created caliphate in Syria & Iraq (and now making inroads into Libya, Egypt, & elsewhere), have recently revived the jizya system -- the dhimmi tax that Muslims have traditionally required from non-Muslims living under their rule ... and have begun butchering those who refuse to submit to their new masters and pay up. 

Did you know? To Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad is known as al-Insān al-Kāmil -- the perfect human.  He is meant to serve as the perfect example of Muslim behavior for all time.  According to the Qur’an, “He is an excellent model of conduct.” (Sura 33:21) -- and “He demonstrates an exalted standard of character.”  (Sura 68:4) 

This fact will become deeply troubling as you continue to read this book & learn the truth about the Prophet’s unsavory character. 

Did you know?  The prophet of Islam was a bandit & warlord who financed his fledgling religion by raiding the camel caravans & villages of non-Muslims, stealing booty, taking slaves, and demanding protection money (the jizya) from subjugated infidels.

The Don Corleone of the world’s “Great Religions” (but with Pablo Escobar’s body count), Muhammad gave us the Desert Mafioso School of “spirituality” -- still enthusiastically embraced by True Believers everywhere. 

Did you know? The Prophet Muhammad was a military leader, who spread the political hegemony of Islam via the sword -- making war upon non-Muslims in order to conquer their lands and force them to submit to Muslim  rule ... which, sooner or later, led to the “voluntary” conversion to Islam on the part of conquered peoples, as the only way to escape their new status as oppressed second-class citizens.

Muhammad commanded his followers to give non-Muslims three choices: 1) Conversion to Islam, 2) Subjugation to Islamic rule and the payment of the jizya, or 3) Death.  These three classic choices of Islam have recently been revived by the jihadis who established the new caliphate in Syria & Iraq in 2014 … and given to captured Christians in Ethiopia, who were beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam ... and to Christians captured by Islamic State militants in Libya in early 2015, who were beheaded or (in at least one case) gang-raped in front of their family members, for refusing to pay the jizya.  

Did you know?  The Prophet Muhammad was engaged to his child-bride Aisha when she was six years old (and he was 51), and consummated the marriage when she was nine (and he was 54).  There are accounts of her playing with her dolls when she wasn’t busy satisfying the Prophet’s sexual needs.  All of this is common knowledge among Islamic scholars, as well as many “mainstream” Muslims; but apparently the fact that their prophet was a pedophile is not a deal-breaker for most of them.  In 20th Century Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini made reference to the Prophet's example when he lowered the legal age of marriage for girls to nine years.

Although some Muslims today make the bizarre claim that Islam was/is a liberating influence for women, the Prophet’s own wife, Aisha, said that no women suffered so much as Muslim women.  She oughta know!

Did you know?  The Prophet Muhammad raped his female slaves, who had been captured in raids and battles with non-Muslim tribes, and encouraged his men to do the same with their own slaves.  The same thing is being done today, with the same religious justification, by jihadis in the new caliphate established in Syria & Iraq, and by Boko Haram Islamists in Nigeria.   

Did you know?  The Prophet Muhammad “married” the wife of a man he had killed in battle earlier that same day, and consummated the “marriage” that same night.  This is another of those quirky little details of the Prophet’s life that has been passed down by Muslim sources and acknowledged by Muslim scholars, right down to the present day, with no hint of embarrassment or any sense of impropriety. 

For the True Believers of Islam, morality is defined by the Qur’an and by the example of the Prophet Muhammad ... period.  It’s got nothing to do with empathy or compassion, or with justice or reason.  And, until we take on board this one basic fact, their actions will be totally incomprehensible to us. 

Did you know?  The Prophet Muhammad personally ordered & oversaw the beheading of non-Muslim captives.  He and his wife, Aisha, watched as some 800 men and boys (and at least one uppity woman) were beheaded in a single episode.  Corpses were then mutilated to “delight the hearts of the believers”. 

It was said of these barbaric acts: “Thus did Allah heal the hearts of the believers”. 

Today, blood-drenched jihadis in the Islamic State, in Libya, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Iran, Britain, France, and elsewhere still embrace this sort of savagery against non-Muslims as a tonic for the devout heart. 

Did you know?  In Muslim societies, according to Sharia (Islamic law), a woman who has been raped must have four male witnesses supporting her claim in order to get a conviction against her attacker, unless the perpetrator confesses. 

And by accusing someone of raping her, she is admitting to having sex -- therefore, if she fails to come up with four male witnesses, and the rapist doesn’t confess, she can be convicted of adultery, if she and/or the rapist are married to someone else.  In that case, she can be stoned to death or beheaded ... often after being serially raped by police officers and prison guards. 

For the most part, this sort of thing is still met with an eerie silence from feminists and women’s rights advocates in the liberal community, who apparently believe that human rights and basic human decency should be optional in the Muslim world.

Did you know? In Britain, organized gangs of Muslim men of Pakistani origin have in recent years been gang-raping hundreds of non-Muslim girls and “grooming” them to be sex slaves -- and British authorities have often turned a blind eye to these crimes, for fear of being called “racists”.  1400 girls have been victimized in the borough of Rotherham alone. 

In East London, Muslim gangs have recently been patrolling the streets, attempting to enforce Sharia law & Islamic social conventions on Muslims and non-Muslims alike via intimidation and violence. 

Eighty-five informal Sharia courts have already been established in various parts of Britain, operating mainly from mosques -- allowing Muslims to live under a different set of laws (in civil & financial matters) from their non-Muslim neighbors.  No other immigrants to Britain demand this sort of dual judicial system.  Once again, it's only Muslims who refuse to adapt to the more civilized culture of their adopted country.

28% of British Muslims want to see Britain become an Islamic state -- a theocracy ruled by Sharia, rather than a free democracy that safeguards basic human rights such as free speech, freedom of the press, women’s rights, gay rights, etc.  (That’s 780,000 people -- not exactly the tiny number of “extremists” some would have us believe.)

One third of all British Muslims believe that any Muslim who leaves Islam should be executed.  (That’s roughly 928,000 people -- again, pretty significant numbers for a “radical fringe” living in a civilized Western nation.) 

78% of British Muslims believe that cartoonists who depict the Prophet Muhammad should be punished.  And even though Muslims are only 4.4% of the population there, the mainstream media in Britain caves in on this point, behaving as if the Allah junkies were the majority.  So in effect, they are the majority, because the robust & uppity Muslim worldview calls the shots, in a land of politically-correct sheep. 

In the Britain of 2016, you can see belligerent Muslims shouting at police: "This is our country!  Why don't you fuck off?  Get out of our country!"  Check out this video (courtesy of Jihad Watch), for a taste of the Islamic supremacism coming your way, courtesy of soulless, vote-whoring politicians and a clueless, PC populace. 

Did you know? In France (as well as Britain, Italy, and Sweden), there are now “no-go” zones, controlled by violent Muslim residents, which are considered unsafe for police, firefighters, paramedics, and other non-Muslims to enter.

In parts of France, such as Roubaix and northern Marseilles, experts say that mini Islamic states have been created, in which the police will not step foot and the authority of the French government is completely absent.  Ordering a pizza delivery is also out of the question.  No-go zones also exist in French cities and towns such as Paris, Amiens, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, Tours, Orleans, Perpignan, Toulouse, Grigny, and Trappes, among others. 

In 2011, a 2,200 page report whose title translates as “Suburbs of the Republic”, stated that Seine-Saint-Denis and other suburbs of Paris are becoming “separate Islamic societies” in which Sharia is replacing French civil law, and where Muslim immigrants are rejecting French values and embracing “radical” Islam.  (That is to say, true Islam, as it’s always been practiced, whenever & wherever devout Muslims have had the ability to put it into practice, due to superior numbers or to a total lack of political will, common sense, & testosterone among the local infidels.) 

In 2012, the French government announced a plan to re-assert government control over fifteen of the most notorious “no-go” zones in various cities.  And the French Interior Ministry has said it is trying to “re-conquer” 184 square kilometers (71 square miles) of Marseille that have come under the control of Muslim gangs.  

Lawlessness is so common among Muslim immigrants in France that they now comprise 70% of the prison population in that country -- in spite of the fact that many areas are effectively off-limits to police.  Unemployment among Muslims in France is also much higher than among infidels (including 26.5% for university graduates of North African origin), so much of the country’s resources go to the support of people with no desire to integrate into French society or embrace French ideals. 

To give you a sense of where things are now headed in The City of Light ... in May 2015, three Muslim men attacked a Jewish woman in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles, shouting "Hitler did not finish his work".  Pretty bold stuff, considering the relatively small numbers of Muslims in that country.  Aside from their disgusting physical assault on a woman, and their vile, anti-Semitic statement, what really strikes me is the fact that these guys seem surprisingly confident for members of such a small minority. 

Please bear in mind that, at this point, Muslims make up only about 8% of the population of France.  Try to imagine a France that is 20% or 30% or 51% Muslim -- a future that may not be so far away, given the relative birth rates of Muslims and non-Muslims in that country -- a disquieting trend seen in many other parts of Europe.

Did you know? In Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands, Muslims have created “Sharia zones”, sometimes demarcated by posters proclaiming: “You Are Entering a Shariah Controlled Zone / Islamic Rules Enforced”.

In these areas, Muslim gangs roam the streets, forcing Islamic norms upon both Muslims and non-Muslims, much like the religious police of Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

This in spite of the fact that Muslims make up only a tiny minority of the populations in these countries.  The True Believers of Islam are bold FAR beyond their numbers ... and they often get away with their audacious actions in the West for the simple reason that they're surrounded by millions of PC sheeple who steadfastly refuse to see where this is all leading.

Did you know?  Even today, non-Muslims are forbidden to enter Mecca, Islam’s holiest city.  Signs on the highway designate the route to Mecca as being for “Muslims Only”, with exits marked for non-Muslims; and everyone must pass through checkpoints, where they are required to prove that they are Muslim.  So much for religious tolerance and multiculturalism in the world’s most Muslim city! 

In 1853, British explorer & linguist Richard Francis Burton risked being executed or murdered on the spot when he entered Mecca during the annual Hajj, posing as a Muslim after learning the Arabic and Pashtun languages, immersing himself in Muslim culture, and being circumcised, just for good measure. 

Imagine a world in which non-Christians are forbidden to enter Rome, seat of the Catholic Church -- where you have to prove that you’re a Christian, to visit the Vatican or St. Peter’s Basilica.  Here again, Islam is able to make even a system as backward and corrupt and just plain crazy as Catholicism appear mild & reasonable in comparison.   

Did you know? In France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands, it is now illegal to publicly “vilify” Islam.  In both the Netherlands and Austria, prominent activists have been brought up on criminal charges for leveling criticisms (all of which were demonstrably factual) against the Religion of Peace. 

There was recently a move afoot to have criticism of Islam banned in all European Union countries.

After the deadly rioting in Benghazi, our very own President Obama told the UN General Assembly: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  Not exactly the ringing endorsement for free speech we might have hoped for, from the “leader” of the free world. 

The United Nations’ Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which represents 57 countries with large Muslim populations, has been trying for years to have criticism of religion banned. 

In the wake of the recent Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, in which Muslims avenged their prophet by murdering cartoonists and editors of the satirical magazine, the UN's Organization of Islamic Cooperation is considering taking legal action against the magazine for publishing blasphemous cartoons.

Also in response to the Charlie Hebdo killings, the Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars has called upon the United Nations to criminalize “contempt of religions” and “defamation of religions”, saying there should be “protection for prophets”.  Protection for prophets?  Protection for prophets?! Are you fucking kidding me?!  How ‘bout some protection for living people, who take issue with your raping, pillaging, murderous prophet?  How ‘bout that, assholes?  (If I’d been running the United Nations, that would’ve been my response … which is one reason I’ll never be asked to run the U.N.)

Muslim groups in Pakistan have recently placed bounties totaling more than $1 million on Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in an attempt to solicit their murder.

One Muslim leader in Pakistan has stated that Muhammad cartoons could lead to World War III.  This may be the first time anyone has stated it so plainly: Cartoons = Cause for all-out global warfare. 

And the Muslim reaction on the street to the Charlie Hebdo murders?  Protests and riots, some of them deadly, in various parts of the Muslim world, including a protest rally in Chechnya attended by 800,000 Muslims who were angry, not about the savage killing of cartoonists, but about cartoons depicting their prophet.  

They really don’t seem to get the whole “free speech” thing, do they?  And many of our political “leaders” in the West obviously don’t get it either. 

Did you know? In Australia, Muslims have recently begun intimidating infidels by shouting slogans such as “Slaughter the Christians!” in public places. 

In Australian mosques today, you can hear Muslims praising the ultra-savage Islamic State. 

A twenty-something Muslim man in Australia recently ran afoul of the law for marrying a 12-year-old girl. 

In May 2015, a 29-year-old Muslim medical doctor from Australia posted a letter on Facebook explaining why he had joined the Islamic State jihadis in Syria.  Dr. Tareq Kamleh (who has adopted the nom de guerre Abu Yousef Al-Australie) wrote: "I saw this as part of my jihad for Islam, to help the muslim ummahs in the area that I could, which is the medical field."  He stated that his was a "very well educated and calculated decision". 

Australian soldiers have been advised to wear civilian clothes rather than their uniforms when in public, because of the danger of being targeted by violent jihadis in their own country. 

Australian police recently foiled a plot to behead random infidels on the street, drape their bodies in the Islamic State flag, videotape the whole thing, and post it on the Internet, in order to demonstrate the reach of the new caliphate based in Syria & Iraq.

Meanwhile, an “Islamophobia hotline” has been set up in Australia, so that Muslims feeling persecuted by infidels can alert the authorities.  (Seriously!)

Did you know?  In Denmark, Muslims are proudly flying jihad banners ... meanwhile the police are so busy dealing with Muslim gangs that many crimes cannot be investigated at all.

Only 14% of Danish mosques denounce the hyper-violent Islamic State based in Syria & Iraq.

In 21st Century Denmark, there are calls for areas with large Muslim populations to become Sharia zones, patrolled by Muslim religious police to punish all violators of Islamic law and social conventions.

Non-Muslims are fleeing areas in Denmark with large Muslim populations, after being intimidated by local Islamists who make public statements such as “Christians should be stoned!” 

Danish soldiers are being advised to wear “civvies” rather than their uniforms when in public, because of the risk of being beheaded in their own country by devotees of the Religion of Peace.

(However, as far as I know, they haven’t set up an “Islamophobia hotline” in Denmark just yet ... so there’s some good news there too, I guess!)

Did you know?  The Islamic State jihadis of the newly-created caliphate in Syria & Iraq have stated that they will “take back Spain”.  This is in accordance with the commonly-held belief among True Believers that any land which has once been ruled by Islam belongs to Islam for all time, and refers to the fact that Spain was governed by Muslim conquerors for 800 years, from the 8th Century until nearly the end of the 15th. 

Devout Muslims in Spain have recently created a social media campaign designed to generate support for the Islamic State. 

In modern-day Spain, informal Sharia courts threaten women for things such as driving cars and working outside the home.  In 2009, a woman who was accused of adultery was kidnapped and sentenced to death under Muslim law (but escaped by seeking refuge in a police station). 

In Catalonia, the peace was recently disrupted by a Moroccan man roaming the streets screaming “Allahu Akbar!” ... “I am a Muslim and Allah is great!” ... “All of you will die!” ... “Christians you will die!”, etc., etc.   

Did you know?  In 2014, in “moderate”, nothing-to-be-worried-about Indonesia, home to more Muslims than any other country in the world, the Islamic Defenders Front warned the nation’s president not to wish Christians “Merry Christmas”, because Islam forbids Muslims to give good wishes to infidels on their religious feasts & holidays.  The organization’s chairman stated that wishing a Christian a Merry Christmas would make a Muslim an apostate.  The penalty for apostasy under Islamic law is death.  So, for these 21st Century True Believers, saying “Merry Christmas!” is apparently a killing offense. 

In 2013, in another heart-warming show of religious tolerance, Indonesian-style, Muslims attacked a Christian church with Molotov cocktails. 

In 2014, a Muslim mob attacked a Catholic Church in Indonesia, screaming “Allahu akbar!”  And another mob halted construction of a Christian church.   

In recent years, Sharia has been embraced in some parts of Indonesia, with people being publicly flogged for “crimes” such as drinking alcohol, gambling, and engaging in “illicit” relationships.  Women, of course, tend to get the brunt of this. 

Did you know?  In recent years, so-called “rape jihad” -- the rape (or gang-rape) of non-Muslim women and girls by Muslim men -- has become increasingly common in countries such as Britain, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.  The victims include non-Muslims of all types, including Hindu and Sikh immigrants as well as white Europeans; so it’s clearly a Muslim-on-infidel thing.  The unrepentant perpetrators sometimes openly state their belief that they have a right to do whatever they want to these godless women. 

Did you know?  In recent years, in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the vast majority of “assault rapes” -- those cases not involving domestic abuse or date rape -- have been perpetrated by Muslims.  (This was the case in 100% of those assaults in the year 2010.) 

Due to liberal immigration policies & high birth rates, Muslim students are expected to become the majority in Oslo schools in the next six years or so. 

An Islamic cleric in Norway has recently called for the beheading of Muslims who do not fast during Ramadan.  One way or another, Muslims are gonna shed a few pounds during the Holy Month, if this guy gets his way. 

The terrorist group Ansar al-Sunna has demanded that the Norwegian capital, Oslo, be declared a Muslim city and a separate Muslim state -- threatening to launch a holy war (naturally!) if their demands are not met, and stating in a letter: “We do not want to be part of the Norwegian society.  We also do not want to leave Norway because we were born and raised here. ...  We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.”  This letter candidly expresses what seems to be the attitude of many Muslims in various parts of Europe today, and illustrates why so many Muslims refuse to assimilate into Western society.  They're not here to assimilate; they're here to colonize and subjugate.

At this point, Muslims make up only 2.4% of the population of Norway, but are very well represented in terms of violent crime and uppity, imperialistic rabble-rousing. 

Islam in Norway is following the same basic pattern as Islam in Sweden, Islam in Denmark, Islam in Britain, in France, in Germany, in Spain, in Italy, in Austria, in Canada, Australia, and in the United States & elsewhere  --  growing ever-more demanding, more threatening, more openly hostile to Western society & Western values. 

Did you know?  In Syria & Iraq, the jihadis who proclaimed the establishment of a new caliphate in 2014 have revived many of the classic agendas & tactics of Islam, while also bringing a few “modern” innovations to God’s Work.  For example:

*  Non-Muslims in captured territory are required to convert to Islam, or submit to Islamic rule and pay the jizya (dhimmi tax), or die -- often by being slowly and gruesomely beheaded with a knife.

*  Non-Muslim women are being captured and sold as sex slaves. 

*  “Heretic” women and children are sometimes buried alive. 

*  Large numbers of captured enemy soldiers are crucified along roadsides. 

*  Those who fail to show the proper respect to Islam are publicly beheaded in marketplaces. 

*  The grisly scenes of crucifixions and beheadings become festive occasions used as photo ops featuring the gleeful children of these hardcore True Believers.  

Meanwhile, the rise of a modern-day caliphate, a century after the secular progressive Ataturk abolished the last one, has elicited a new sense of pride, purpose, and brand loyalty among devout Muslims around the world -- inspiring some to carry out terrorist attacks in the name of the caliphate in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, the U.S., Canada, and Australia, in order to demonstrate the reach of the new Islamic State, and in a show of solidarity with its ideals & agendas. 

In a video produced in 2014, an Islamic State jihadi proclaimed: “I say to all French people who think that the Islamic State won’t arrive in Europe, with God’s help, we will arrive in Europe.  We will expand across all of Europe to France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and also the USA.  I say to all my brothers that cannot immigrate and join the Islamic caliphate, try to resist with all means, kill them, slaughter them, burn their cars and homes. ... Kill them all.  Kill all of the infidels you see on the streets.”  This shocking sentiment is not some sort of “deviant” aberration as we’re often told; it is totally in keeping with the central theme of the Holy Qur’an: homicidal hatred for non-Muslims.   

In May 2015, the Islamic State issued a video “Message to America”, in which they threatened massive hacking and cyber attacks on computer networks in the U.S.  In the same month, they vowed to murder Pamela Geller, head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative ... and stated “Our goal is killing Obama and the worshippers of the cross”.  These guys definitely have a global agenda; and their ability to inspire Muslims living in the West to wage jihad on their infidel neighbors is starting to become worrisome.  In May 2015, Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, stated that the Islamic State's jihadi ideology is "increasingly resonating" with Americans.  Those would be Muslim Americans, I presume -- not so much the Baptists or Unitarians.

A recent poll conducted by the Arab-language television news network Al Jazeera found that 81% of respondents from its audience "supported" the "organizing victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria".  This widespread enthusiasm for the new caliphate helps to explain why, at last count, the Islamic State has some 30,000 foreign fighters, who've traveled to the war zone from over 100 countries to take part in this historic project. 

The Islamic State has already established a presence in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Philippines; and Al-Shebab militants in Somalia are said to be considering an alliance.  The new caliphate is spreading like a cancer, and seems very likely to continue growing & metastasizing, wherever there are large numbers of devout Muslims. 

Did you know?  In Nigeria, Christians are being slaughtered by Boko Haram jihadis on a regular basis.  Hundreds of non-Muslim girls have been kidnapped and turned into sex slaves -- a practice engaged in & promoted by the Prophet Muhammad himself.  School children and teachers are being gunned down in large numbers.  Islamists recently murdered a pregnant woman while she was in labor.

The name these jihadis have chosen for themselves, “Boko Haram”, is translated variously as “Books are sinful/forbidden” or “Western education is sinful/forbidden”.  This does not bode well for the future of Nigeria, as these oil-rich, education-adverse True Believers capture more & more territory -- having recently declared their own caliphate, just like their oil-rich, trigger-happy co-religionists in Syria & Iraq.

Did you know?  In Pakistan, somewhere between 70% and 95% (depending on the study)  of women have suffered from domestic violence.  Most Pakistani women just take it for granted that they’re going to get smacked around; it’s just part of being a woman in a culture in which the men tend to be violent, misogynistic assholes.  In Afghanistan, 85% of women have experienced domestic violence.  In Indonesia, incidents of domestic violence have increased sharply in recent years ... at the very same time that many Indonesian Muslims have begun to take their religion more seriously.  In Morocco, domestic violence is the most common reason women seek divorce. 

Muslim clerics can be seen on television (and on YouTube and MEMRI TV videos and elsewhere) explaining to their followers how husbands should beat their wives.  For these men, immersed in Islamic theology, there seems to be no doubt that beating troublesome wives is acceptable, as long as it’s done properly. 

In many parts of the Muslim world, a woman can be murdered by her father, brothers, or uncles for bringing “dishonor” to her family by refusing an arranged marriage, or wearing the wrong clothes, or going out in public unattended by a male relative -- or she can be killed by her husband for pretty much anything he doesn’t like -- and the government can generally be relied upon to look the other way. 

Westernized Muslims, stealth jihadis, and PC liberals will tell you that these things have nothing to do with Islam, but are the results of “cultural” influences or “tribal” traditions.  Just how stupid do they think we are?  It’s obvious that these cultures in which women are most abused (Pakistan and Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somali, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., etc.) have been shaped by Islam more than any other factor.  That’s the ingredient they all have in common.  It’s not geography.  It’s not race or ethnicity.  It’s not a common language.  It’s not a shared history.  It’s Islam.  These are Islamic cultures; and this sort of misogyny is clearly & unambiguously promoted by the Qur’an and by the example of the Prophet Muhammad.  It’s no accident that these cultures all turned out this way -- and no amount of obfuscation can conceal this glaringly obvious fact.  

Did you know? In Sweden, public streets and sidewalks are often closed to traffic by Muslims laying out their prayer rugs and taking part in Friday prayers. 

Formerly one of the safest nations in the world, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, with twice as many rapes perpetrated per capita than any other European country.  This surge in the incidence of rape is largely/entirely due to Muslim men raping non-Muslim women. 

Muslims have created 55 “no-go” zones in Sweden, which are not considered safe for police or other infidels to enter. 

Jews are being driven out of the Swedish city of Malmö, where they no longer feel safe among the city’s virulently anti-Semitic Muslims. 

Although the Swedish government keeps no tally on the number of Muslims living there, according to European Union estimates, they make up roughly 6% of the Swedish population.  Six percent -- that’s all it takes, when the local infidels cave in to Islamist demands and Muslim violence like a bunch of spineless, unprincipled cowards. 

Due to the high birth rates among Muslim immigrants, and the low birth rates among infidels, it is predicted that ethnic Swedes may become a minority in their own country within 30 years. 

Sweden is the trend-setter in the Islamization of Western Europe -- a portent of things to come.  But many other countries are following the same suicidal program the Swedes have embraced, and we can expect similar results, anywhere the True Believers of Islam are welcomed and given a free hand. 

Did you know? According to a recent poll, 42% of Canadian Muslims believe that Islam and Western society are "irreconcilable".  Again, hardly the "tiny minority of radicals and extremists" we're always hearing about. 

And why are they living in Canada, you might ask, if they have no hopes for reconciliation between their religious beliefs and the society in which they live?  The most obvious answer is that they came to the West to help spread the influence of Islam, and to replace democracy & human rights with Sharia & theocracy -- as many Muslims in the West have admitted (sometimes quite openly, and sometimes in "Gotcha!" moments when they thought they were speaking only to fellow Allah junkies). 

This doesn't bode well for Western society, if we infidels continue to allow Islamists to operate freely within our borders ... if we refuse to see the unique threat posed by this religion and its adherents.  

Did you know?  By reading Intro to Islam, you will become one of the few progressives/liberals/left-wing types who possess even a rudimentary knowledge of Islam.  You will have taken an important step toward becoming a savvy kafir!

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