The Savvy Kafir's

    Intro to Islam: A Primer for Puzzled Progressives

Chapter List

1)  Your Digital Wake-Up Call

2)  An Ex-Muslim’s Letter to Mankind

3)  My Progressive Bona Fides

4)  Welcome to the Resistance!

5)  The Progressive Counter-Jihad

6)  Semantics

7)  Semantics, Part II: "Islam" and "Muslims"

8)  Islam on the Rise: The Modern Resurgence of the Jihadis

9)  Abrogation

10)  Taqiyya

11)  622 C.E.

12)  Context!  Context!  Context!

13)  People Are Just People (...until religion makes them insane.)

14)  The Coalition for 7th Century Values

15)  A Simple Formula

16)  Can Islam be Reformed?

17)  Oh, those Tender Muslim Feelings

18)  September 11th, 2001

19)  My Message to Muslims

20)  The Big Picture

Islam for History Buffs

21)  Some Dates to Celebrate

22)  Thomas Jefferson & the Barbary Pirates

23)  John Quincy Adams on Islam

24)  Mark Twain on Islam

25)  Churchill on Islam

Miscellany & Bonus Chapters

26)  Alternative Fuels & Energy Independence

27)  Wanted: Alpha Males w/ the Warrior Spirit 

28)  Free Speech: The Front Line in the War with Islam 

29)  It's the Islam, Baby!  (A Hypothetical, but Mostly-Realistic Case Study)

30)  A Fresh Take on Paradise

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